lab grown diamond studded by Bayan Jewelry

Our Story

What if you could make your first impression last forever?

What if you could hold a conversation with your inner sparkle?

What if you could make a statement without saying a word?

Bayan is for the woman who flaunts her jewelry not to dazzle the world, but as a form of self-expression.
She takes pride in the fact that the jewelry she wears has not harmed any life or our planet, in its making.

lab grown diamond studded by Bayan Jewelry

Bayan is a mindful diamond jewelry brand, and ‘less is more’ is our ethos. This concept of minimalism reflects in our timeless designs, and in our thoughtful craft of creating fine jewelry using only lab grown diamonds. Bayan’s diamonds are more precious than those from the earth, as they are ethical and less in carbon footprint.

Bayan is for those who seek to spread their soulful sparkle, and make a statement without saying a word.


Bayan’s unique design aesthetic is informed by our founder Ankur Shah’s creative sensibility of seeing beauty in daily life, and his love for our planet. With over a decade of experience in every aspect of diamond jewelry creation, Ankur believes that simplicity and minimalism is the way forward. He feels that diamond jewelry is not just for special occasions, but also for adding an understated brilliance to a woman’s every day.

lab grown diamond studded by Bayan Jewelry
lab grown diamond studded by Bayan Jewelry

At Bayan, science and technology meet design and artistry to create exquisite diamond jewelry. Purity and authenticity is our promise. We use GH color and VVS/VS clarity lab grown diamonds that are physically, chemically and optically exactly the same as natural diamonds. In fact our diamonds are purer in clarity and shine just as bright, as they are grown in state of the art labs that flawlessly mimic the conditions under the earth, where diamonds are found naturally. Our jewelry doesn’t cost the earth, both literally and metaphorically!